Social Action

RE 3 selectThe Fellowship and its members have a long history of looking outward from our faith community to take action in the community.

In earlier years Fellowship members were involved in starting recycling efforts in Bennington and in founding the area's first volunteer hospice organization.

The Fellowship has been a long-time supporter of the Bennington Coalition for the Homeless, contributing supplies to families setting up housekeeping in apartments, helping to rehab a building for housing and painting the interior of the shelter.

On an ongoing basis the Fellowship's members volunteer at the Bennington Free Clinic, the Kitchen Cupboard food pantry, and in preparing a bi-monthly Sunday evening dinner for community members in need of a hot meal.

Through a member's connections, the Fellowship has been supportive of the work of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, a girls' school, and gay/lesbian activities in Uganda.

Currently a study team is exploring alternative economic development strategies to address the need for quality and sustainable employment for area residents.