About Us

dinner 1Spiritual growth, social action and community ~ in the Bennington tri-state area for nearly 60 years, these are what matter most to us.

Ministry is shared~ between members, and minister, who take seriously their responsibility to further the congregation’s mission and vision.

No hierarchy here~ We make our decisions democratically, with no outside group or organization telling us how to think.

Many traditions, many paths~ are how we, as individuals, define our religious identities. We explore together in Sunday morning services and in small groups throughout the week. We have an active social action program with both direct social service activities (often in conjunction with interfaith colleagues) and advocacy for strategies to address important local, state, national and global issues.

Reaching out~ The budget includes support of Interfaith Community Services –free clinic, food pantry, food and fuel fund.  We share Sunday offerings with local agencies, and open our building to community organizations.

Accessibility~ The entire meetinghouse is at street level, with a restroom large enough for a wheelchair.  We have large print orders of service and hymnals.  Anyone who speaks uses a microphone.

Art and music~ are important to us.  A rotating art show adorns the walls, A folk music series and other concerts are held throughout the year, and music a highly-valued part of Sunday services.

Earth-friendly~ The meetinghouse is energy efficient.  We use non-toxic cleaning products and have a scent-free seating policy.  Recycling is second nature.